David // SUI’s birthday stream “Fragment & Reminiscence” and new concept mini-album “Gothculture”

Like I said in the previous article about SUI’s plans for January of 2021, he planned a large event spanning two days to celebrate not only his own birthday, but also the 4th anniversary of David as his solo project. Unfortunately the state of emergency was issued in Japan, preventing SUI from holding both days as intended and forcing him to be creative with a solution yet again.
Eventually it was decided that the performance scheduled for the first day, on January 23, would be streamed through YouTube, but for free! Allowing everyone worldwide to attend.


Fragment & Reminiscence Day 1

Since the first live was streamed through the YouTube channel of the venue it was held at, 浦和Narciss (Urawa Narciss), it is now archived on their channel. So if you happened to miss the live as it was happening, or simply would like to see it again, you can!

Like I said, you can find it on the YouTube channel of 浦和Narciss (Urawa Narciss), or you can watch it below on my page here:

00. SE – Overture – Dead Decadence
01. 麗しき棺 (Uruwashiki hitsugi) – (David)
02. 言霊 (Kotodama) – (David)
04. MOTHER sceneII – (Pierrot)
05. Decadent Art – (David)
06. Dresscode – (David)
07. Angelical Jewelry – (Megaromania)


Live shows: Fragment & Reminiscence Day 2 and “Gothculture” -集草- (Shuusou)

The second day of “Fragment & Reminiscence” had to be rescheduled due to the state of emergency being issued in Japan again around this time, and has been moved to a for now undetermined date in March of this year. Tickets for the actual show that have been purchased will remain valid for the rescheduled date as announced earlier.
When more information is announced, I’ll do my best to bring it to you here too.

However, the last show of the “Gothculture” oneman live series, titled “Gothculture” -終章- (Shuusou), has been announced for February 14, 2021. The main part of the live will also be available on Twitcasting for a fee of ¥3,000, which really does mean that SUI keeps his overseas fans in mind as well, doesn’t it?
You can purchase a ticket for this live here: https://twitcasting.tv/_david_sui/shopcart/50437
(Tickets will be going on sale on January 30, at midnight Japanese time.)


Concept mini-album “Gothculture”

The concept mini-album “Gothculture” will be released on February 10, 2021 to conclude the entire “Gothculture” series SUI has been working on since April 2020.
The mini-album will cost ¥2,970 and will be available through SUI’s webshop (which ships overseas!), but also through CDJapan.

Release information
Artist: David (SUI solo project)
Release: Gothculture (concept mini-album)
Release date: February 10, 2021
CD number: RDCD-19

01. Gothculture -序章- (Joshou) (Gothic Unplugged Ver)
02. Gothculture -Nightimage-
03. Gothculture -断章- (Danshou)
04. Gothculture -Reunion-
05. Gothculture -Claustrophobia-
06. Gothculture -Decadent Art-
07. Gothculture -dawn-


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