G.L.A.M.S // “TWILIGHT AFTER THE RAIN” Tour 2020 at Special Edition

G.L.A.M.S were originally supposed to perform at the Popcentrale for their Dordrecht stop of the date, but due to government measures relating to the rapid spreading of the COVID-19 virus the venue was forced to cancel the show just one day before it was supposed to take place. Unfortunately for G.L.A.M.S this wasn’t the only cancellation that was waiting for them, since their tour final for the next day was also canceled. The group was scheduled to appear at the Made In Asia event, a large festival that’s held in Brussels (Belgium), but the event was also canceled in it’s entirety to comply with government regulations.

Both G.L.A.M.S and tour organizer Uknight aren’t known for giving up easily, so instead of cancelling the Dutch date of the show the show was moved to the back of Special Edition, an anime and manga themed shop in Dordrecht. For vocalist Mikaru it wasn’t the first time he visited this store, since last year he already did a solo performance and mini-expo in the brand new mini-stage area the back of the shop.
Because of the smaller space, the performance was changed to an acoustic one, which attracted more visitors than they had dared to hope for.

The setlist for this performance was as follows:
01. In Endless Rainfall
02. Tokyo Ginza Blues
03. Under The Moon
04. Man In Underworld
05. Another Lonely Day
06. Our Freak Show
07. Try To Live
08. The Light of My Life


You can find the photos of this show on our portfolio, Arlequin Photography, here:



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