Mikaru // “I write lyrics as if they’re intended for a movie.”

This interview was done before the new album from G.L.A.M.S, “TWILIGHT AFTER THE RAIN” officially came out. Mikaru offered to answer a total of five questions about the new album, on only one condition: I would have to ask completely blind. There was no information given other than the name of the album, the album cover and the names of the songs themselves.
Unlike now, when there are two music videos available on YouTube (“In Endless Rainfall” and “Another Lonely Day”, to be specific.) So if these questions seem a bit odd, that’s why!


Let’s start!

The themes you’ve chosen for these songs are some very heavy ones this time around! What was the reason for you to combine such heavy topics into one album?
Mikaru: I compose the music first. Then I start writing the lyrics. I’ve always created songs in this order. When the music for a song is completed, it’s story starts to appear to me. It’s an inevitable coincidence, you know?

The album cover for “TWILIGHT AFTER THE RAIN”.

When you were making these songs, did you already know you wanted to combine them into “TWILIGHT AFTER THE RAIN”, or was this a spur of the moment decision when you noticed you had enough songs?
Mikaru: I actually knew beforehand, yes. Just like with all other albums I’ve ever made we try to make sure the songs on the album aren’t too similar to each other though.

You’ve told me that every song has a different world and they each have different characters telling their stories. However, none of the characters are or represent you. What inspired each character? Have you watched, listened to or read something interesting lately that ended up inspiring these characters?
Mikaru: When I create songs I think of them as a movie. While I’m working I see the movie play out in my head. I write the lyrics as if I’m writing a screenplay for a movie.

I’m sure you have a favorite song on this album as well. What makes this song your favorite?
Mikaru: I can’t really pick a favorite… But I think the easiest song to create this round was “Sailing Away”. This one actually didn’t came to me as a movie, but more like an anime like “One Piece”. When I heard the guitar intro for the song I immediately thought of this anime.

Okay, last question: why did you choose to use a photo of yourself as an album cover rather than something like a scenery that would tie in with the songs?
Mikaru: This picture has no connection to any of the songs. G.L.A.M.S is, like you know, not only about music. It also involves photography. The important thing is balance, and this photo is very satisfying. Or at least, I think so. I also wanted to add one more aspect to the album: the expression of G.L.A.M.S as a rock band!


Extra information

Like I mentioned at the start already, doing an interview blind is incredibly difficult. Especially if you have to contain all of your curiosity in only five questions There wasn’t even any room for an intro or message, since well, that would technically cost my two questions in which I could ask about other information…

A week or so after this interview was done I was provided a copy of the album, before it’s official release date and eve the start of the European tour. These questions do not do this album any justice, and I can only recommend you to listen to “TWILIGHT AFTER THE RAIN” for yourself, because Mikaru has managed to grasp the element of “movie soundtrack” perfectly with this release. If all else fails, he could consider to make a career chance to screenwriter, perhaps?


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