Starwave Records // The label compilation DVD “Starwave Records Vol.4” is set to release in September

Starwave Records will release a new omnibus DVD, titled “Starwave Records Vol.4”, to commemorate the 5th anniversary of Starwave Records on September 9, 2015!
This will be the 4th omnibus release of the label since it was founded, and it will feature music videos from 11 different artists this time!


Release event

08/07 – 池袋EDGE (IkebukuroEDGE) (Starwave Fest Vol.11)
08/07 – 池袋EDGE (IkebukuroEDGE) (Starwave Fest Vol.12)


Release information

08/07 – Available for pre-sale at live venues
09/15 – On sale in physical stores and Starwave Records’ webshop

Disc number: SWVA-5
Label: Starwave Records
Distribution: FWD Inc.

Price: ¥3,240 yen (tax included)
Limit: 1,000 copies


Starwave Records Vol.4 – Tracklist

01. Messiah (Synk;yet)
02. -The butterfly effect- (Misaruka))
03. Luminescence (Tokami)
05. Story (Scarlet Valse)
06. ネガ×ネガ×ネガ (NEGAxNEGAxNEGA) (Calmando Qual)
07. Invisible wall (Magistina Saga)
08. Black Out (LIV’ERT)
09. 神楽坂EXPLOSION (KagurazakaEXPLOSION) (燭台(怪) (Syokudaikakkokai))
10. サイレン (Siren) (nüe)
11. 極彩 (Gokusai) (MAJOLICA)


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