Artist/Band: IQ99 (Pronounced as “AI-KYUU-KYUU-KYUU”.)
Members: 瑞あめ (Mizu Ame) (Vocal), 愛妹みい (Aimai Mii) (Vocal), 敵羅のめる (Tekira Nomeru) (Vocal), 強ぜろ (Tsuyoi Zero) (Vocal)



The group was originally known as “9999.99-count stop-“, but decided to change their name to IQ99 instead.
According to the members they are a happy psychopath idol group, in which every day in their lives is like a summer vacation.


9999.99-count stop- – mement (MV)



Partner Artist

IQ99 are one of the partner artists of Arlequin Magazine, which means we can take media requests on their behalf as well. If you’re interested in an interview or want to discuss booking options for your event, let us know and we’ll pass the message for you!
(Please do keep in mind that it might take some time for the artist to respond, we have no influence on their schedule!)

Currently taking requests: YES
Time limit: N/A


IQ99 – Links

(Mizu Ame)
(Aimai Mii)
(Tekira Nomeru)
(Tsuyoi Zero)