Lyrics Translation

While we work with music and artists every day, it’s not just “work” to us. We also really enjoy music and listen to a lot of it on a daily basis, both during work and to unwind after. But with Japanese music in particular we hear English being used in the lyrics more and more often.
This means we also hear the grammar “mistakes” or word usage being completely off for what the artist wants to express with their lyrics.

Since we are always thinking on how we can help both artists and fans, we came up with the “Lyrics Translation” service. This means we can (proof)read and review your lyrics. If we find “mistakes” in the English grammar we’ll present you corrections, or if you have ideas of your own we’ll give you suggestions based on those.

If you’re on this page, we understand that you’re in either of the following states of composing:

Still in the process of composing

Based on your ideas and wishes we can give you suggestions. You don’t have to provide us with your (full) lyrics for this, we can work on your ideas and wishes alone already.


The Japanese version is ready, but the English version is not

We can translate the desired parts (or all of the lyrics if you prefer) to English for you. You do have to provide us with your material for this.

Regardless of which phase of composing you’re in, we promise to choose the best vocabulary possible for your style and wishes. Not just for the lyrics, but also for the pronunciation.
(Because trust us, we understand how difficult it is to pronounce English words!)
We can help you with the pronunciation and intonation of the words combined with the music, so you can deliver your words to the English-speaking community with confidence. Both in the studio and during live performances.