Versailles // New single “VOGUE” announced

Versailles have announced that their new single “VOGUE” will be released on June 21, 2023!

“VOGUE” will be the first release for the group in 11 years, and will be released in three different types:
Limited edition A will contain a CD featuring two songs and their two instrumental versions and a DVD with the music video and making of for “VOGUE”.
Limited edition B will contain the CD as well as a live CD with footage from the live show in Barcelona Salamandra in February of 2017.
The regular edition will merely contain the CD.
You can find a more detailed list of information below:

(Limited edition A)
¥ 1,980 // SASCD-120
Disc 1 (CD)

02. Wrath of Thunder
03. VOGUE [Instrumental]
04. Wrath of Thunder [Instrumental]
Disc 2 (DVD)

01. VOGUE (MV)
02. VOGUE (Behind the Scenes)

(Limited edition B)
¥ 4,180 // SASCD-121
Disc 1 (CD)

02. Wrath of Thunder
03. VOGUE [Instrumental]
04. Wrath of Thunder [Instrumental]

Disc 2 (CD)
Live album "Renaissance"
Live at 2017.2.4 Barcelona Salamandra

01. Aristocrat's Symphony
02. Ascendead Master
03. Shout & Bites
04. Vampire
05. Inheritance
06. Chandelier
07. zombie
09. Lineage
10. The Revenant Choir
(Regular edition)
¥ 1,430 // SASCD-123
02. Wrath of Thunder
03. VOGUE [Instrumental]
04. Wrath of Thunder [Instrumental]

According to the news post on the band’s official website the title track is an “ambitious work that sublimates the gorgeous stylistic beauty of the band into a modern and fashionable one by coexisting gorgeous melody and a dark guitar riff” composed by KAMIJO. The second track is a “live tune assuming the audience’s voice”, composed by HIZAKI.
Both songs will also be included in the live show “Versailles Live Tour “Varoque” 2023 〜華麗なる様式美の逆鱗〜” (~Gorgeous Style Beauty no Gyakurin~) which will be held prior to the single’s release.


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