SUI // First&Last mini-album “REMINISCENCE” announced

Recently we’ve mostly seen SUI work on 縁 (Enishi) while David’s activities were paused, but after the announcement of David’s 6th anniversary live show on June 8 SUI now surprises us all with the announcement of a first and last mini-album named “REMINISCENCE”.

The mini-album will be released on July 5, and comes in two editions:
A regular edition containing a 6-tracks CD and a Wizard Store edition which contains the CD with 6 tracks, a DVD and a pamphlet.

Additionally, there will be two CD release events:
July 6 at EDGE Ikebukuro, where the support band exists out of cero (from 縁 (Enishi)) and 源 依織 (Iori Minamoto) (from Phobia) on guitar, Toshi (ex.Femme Fatale) on bass, and Seira (from AURORIZE) on drums, and
July 21 at HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA, where the support band has a small change in the drums section, where Syu (from 縁 (Enishi)) replaces Seira.

Performance and ticket details for the July 6 show can be found on rivabook, the details for the July 21 performance will be announced at a later time.

UPDATE: A trailer for the release has been uploaded to David’s official YouTube channel.

Alternatively, you can also view the trailer below:



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