Ash Berry // New digital single “ソングレター” (Song Letter) announced

Ash Berry have announced their second digital single, named “ソングレター” (Song Letter), will be released on May 1st, 2023.

“ソングレター” (Song Letter) is a letter to our fans in a song format to express our gratitude for supporting us on a daily basis. Even in a situation where we can’t do our activities as freely as we would like due to the pandemic we received support through livestreams, etc.
After that, we made a “letter to the fans” with the feelings that they will keep asking for our music even in difficult situations.”

Ash Berry // ソングレター (Song Letter) (Preview)


Oneman live

Next to the release of the single, there will be a oneman live show at THE LIVE STATION on the same day.
This live show is also the 8th anniversary of Ash Berry!

Tickets will be ¥3,900 in advance (available through this link) and ¥4,200 at the door.
For those who can’t attend the live in person but would like to see it there is a livestream option through TwitCasting. A livestream ticket is ¥3,500 and can be purchased here.
(Archive of the live show will be available until May 9.)


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