Ashmaze. // The new single サイレン (Siren) is planned for December

Ashmaze. are about to release their new single, titled “サイレン” (Siren), on December 14, 2022!

Ashmaze. formed in late 2019 and exists out of members who we’ve previously seen in IGGY, BLESSCODE, VETIQUE, Far East Dizain and LACK-CO. The group released their first mini-album “錯覚” (Sakkaku) on October 16 of the same year, and has released 3 additional singles and 2 additional mini-albums since.

サイレン (Siren) is the 4th single of the group, and will be released as a CD+DVD version exclusively. The CD will contain two tracks (one of which hasn’t been revealed yet at the moment of writing) and the DVD will contain the music video for the title song and behind the scenes footage from the making of this video.


Release information

12/14 – Available in stores

サイレン (Siren)

01. サイレン (Siren)
02. ????

01. サイレン (Siren) (MV)
02. サイレン(Siren) (Behind the Scenes)

Artist: Ashmaze.
Release: サイレン (Siren) (single)
Release date: December 14, 2022
CD number: AMRCD-009


Ashmaze. – サイレン (Siren) (MV)


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