Ariabl’eyeS // The new mini-album “冥鳴フィアンサイユ Act: II” (Mei na Fiansaiyu Act: II) is planned for October

Ariabl’eyeS are about to release their 12th mini-album of this concept series, titled “冥鳴フィアンサイユ Act: II” (Mei na Fiansaiyu Act: II), on October 30, 2022!

Ariabl’eyeS exists out of vocalists Luna and Rena and bassist リゼ (Lyse), of which the latter does the composing for every release. The group formed in 2011 and is primarily influenced by the gothic and symphonic metal genres, causing their work to make use of piano, organ and violin, but also power-metal guitar pieces.
Their work largely exists out of mini-albums, singles and EPs, but in 2015 and 2018 they also released full length albums to tell their tragic stories of fantasies, beauty, romance and melancholy.


Release information

10/30 – Available in stores

冥鳴フィアンサイユ Act: II
(Mei na Fiansaiyu Act: II)

01. Prelude -Fiancailles II-
02. 黎きフィアンサイユ (Hajimu Ki Fiansaiyu)
03. 鮮血の衝動 (Senketsu no Shoudou)
04. Reunion
05. 冥鳴メモリア (Mei na Memoria)
06. Lumiere eternelle
07. Postlude -Fiancailles II-

Artist: Ariabl’eyeS
Release: 冥鳴フィアンサイユ Act: II (Mei na Fiansaiyu Act: II) (mini-album)
Release date: October 30, 2022
CD number: ARS-047


Ariabl’eyeS – 冥鳴フィアンサイユ Act: II (Mei na Fiansaiyu Act: II) (Album Preview)


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