Nellfin // The 1st EP “Untouched” is planned for October

Nellfin are about to release their first EP, titled “Untouched”, which will be available through download and streaming services starting October 7, 2022!

The EP will contain 6 tracks, including a new version of the song “REVE”, which was previously released as a free demo (together with the song “Dearest”) in October of 2020. The EP will be released digitally to allow listeners from all over the world to be able to get their hands on a copy through download or streaming through Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify.


Release information

10/07 – Available for download and streaming

Price: ¥1,300 / $9,09 / €9,08 (digital download only)
Platform(s): Bandcamp, iTunes / Apple Music, Spotify


Untouched – Tracklist

01. Violet siren
02. Voice
03. Ruined throne
04. Object knives


Nellfin – Links


🎂 10/05

🎂 11/11


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