Angels’ Temptation // Keyboardist Shion will leave the group

Shion has announced that she will be leaving her position as the keyboard player of Angels’ Temptation after the performance at 埼玉会館公 (Saitama Hall) on August 11, 2022.

Angels’ Temptation have made a special page on their website with comments from both Shion, the other members of the group, but also from support drummer Syu and Hana, the vocalist from Fleur Tentation (a project that is closely connected to Angels’ Temptation).
Below is an English translation of their comments.


Shion’s comment

Thank you for your support, this is Shion.
I’m sorry for surprising you all with the sudden announcement.

I met the other members about four years ago, and I participated as a keyboard player since.

Formed Angels’ Temptation.

Since it was my first time working in this genre, I gained a lot of experience while relying on the other members.

Of course I loved the band and the songs, laughed myself to tears every time with the members and had a really good time.

However, as I worked on Angels’ Temptation, “the music I really wanted to do” became clear to me, and I started to want to concentrate on my own musical activities.

I was worried a lot, and consulted with the members. But I decided to be honest with myself and promote new activities.

I’m truly sorry and grateful to everyone who has supported me so far, and those who have been looking forward to future live performances and other activities.

August 11th will be the last time I’ll be on stage as a member of this band, but please come and see me.

And thank you for your continued support with Angels’ Temptation.


Vocalist MIRAI’s comment

Immediately after meeting Shion I got along with her and we decided to work together.
Thank you so much for working with us for about four years.

In the early days we hit each other with our true intentions, but these days that’s gone. Because I regret that I was imposing “this is what” and “should be like this”.
Looking at Shion I learned that taking care of your own pace is very important for your mental health. I want to respect my individuality because I thought it was wonderful to “cherish myself” purely.
There certainly are cases where it is better to escape in order to maintain your mental health, but if you use that escape route immediately it turns into a habit.
In order to take “good care of yourself” you have to “face the music” at times.
It would be nice if I could aim to be honest with my feelings and keep my promise. By doing so you will develop a new environment, trust and cooperation with your next partner, which should enable you to share longer and more meaningful times which will bring you closer to your dreams.

I believe that there are many things that can be noticed at this time. I want you to pursue what you want to do and what you like in the limited amount of time we have until you are satisfied.
A withdrawal is normally a sad experience, but it is up to you to convert it into a positive one.

I would like to continue to protect my sanctuary by facing everything honestly, so I can give back to everyone who supports me. If everyone who supports both Shion and Angels’ Temptation can laugh, that’s all.

I’m very sorry to hear this kind of news, and I’m sorry to everyone who is always supporting me.
We look forward to your continued support for Angels’ Temptation, but also for Shion.


Guitarist Hideki’s comment

I feel very disappointed with this announcement. I want to support what Shion wants to do, but it is very complicated because everyone are my best companions, friends and rivals! I hope that you will continue to move away from the heavens and let the wind blow!
Thank you for your continued support for Shion’s activities. 📣


Guitarist YURI’s comment

It’s sad that the members who have worked hard together from the very beginning of the formation (of Angels’ Temptation) are now gone, but I’m looking forward to seeing Shion doing what she wants to do more than that.
Even if I quit the band, I will only become a hunting companion (Monster Hunter), so I hope I can really distribute the game someday.
The activity of the current members will last until August 11, but I would be grateful if you could continue to support the activities of both Angels’ Temptation and Shion.


Bassist Rio’s comment

I met Shion suddenly one day, and when I realized it I felt like she was a member.
She was always straightforward, loved music and talked about her dreams. Shion’s eyes were very impressive, and when she chose to graduate, she chose for herself.

She said: “Did I need four years together as Angels’ Temptation? Perhaps I was blocking my musical activities…” Her feelings and loneliness. “I want you to do what you really want to do.” It was very complicated with her hope for a bright future. “I want you to make your dream come true.”

I can no longer fulfill her dream that I chased with her as Angels’ Temptation, but I would like for Shion to stare her personal dream straight in the face and fly.
I would be grateful if you could use her four years of activities together with us as a source of food for the future.

Thank you for four years. I support you from the shadows! Thank you.


Syu (support drums)’s comment

About two years ago, during a difficult time when musical activities couldn’t be developed as expected because of the Corona virus, I met Angels’ Temptation and Shion.

I still remember the strong impression of the synth play, which was technically used when the sounds were first matched in the studio and were well integrated into each song.

August 11. The final stage will definitely be special.
I will try to bite into the joy of standing together on the special stage of the (Saitama) Hall.

I’m looking forward to supporting future activities.


Hana (Fleur Tentation, vocal)’s comment

Thank you for your work with Angels’ Temptation. During the times of talking and laughing with the band I was rejuvenated by Shion’s attitude of facing music pure and straightforward. I will miss Shion after her withdrawal, but I look forward to her future success and will continue to support her. And I believe that the sound played by Shion will open up a brighter future. Thank you for the wonderful sound.


Kyoki Kitazume /’s comment

It was a few years ago that I introduced Shion to this team because I had been supporting her activities for some time. I was able to see it start and her playing an active role as a keyboard player for Angels’ Temptation in the blink of an eye.
There are various ideas, and there are some fun things that I was able to do thanks to you.
Of course the decision to leave the group is a sad one, but there are so many songs and works that were born from the presence of Shion as a member.
I hope Shion will continue to do her best so that her activities will be valuable, and I am looking forward to the future of Angels’ Temptation. The current group will only last until August 11, but we appreciate your continued support.


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