Mikaru – Teaming up with Yudai for online live performance

Last Saturday Mikaru did his very first radio broadcast through the G.L.A.M.S YouTube channel, of which the archive is only available to members of the channel by now. (Originally the archive was available to everyone, but this was only for 24 hours.)
We’ll get to channel memberships in a moment, because first we have to talk about the important announcement Mikaru teased before the broadcast.


Online live performance with Yudai

The important announcement made during the broadcast was none other than an online live performance. For this online performance Mikaru teamed up with Yudai, who is also the guitarist of G.L.A.M.S. At the time no further information was given, but today all of the important information has been announced so I can share it with you too.

The performance is going to take place on April 24 at 8PM JST (this is 13:00 CET).
A ticket has to be purchased to be able to attend the performance. Tickets have been priced at ¥3,000, €23 or $27 depending on where in the world you are and which currency is used there.
To purchase a ticket you have to send an email containing your name and email address to glamsofficial@gmail.com. Once the email has been confirmed you’ll receive a PayPal invoice from this same address to make your payment for the ticket. So do make sure you can receive emails from this address!
After you’ve made your payment for your ticket(s) the link for the online performance will be emailed to you as well.

If you have any questions or concerns you can send them to this address too. And yes, you can send your message in English this time too.


Channel membership – Welcome to the G.L.A.M.S family!

I mentioned channel membership being opened during the first radio broadcast in the last post about Mikaru as well, but here’s a quick refresher anyway:
Channel membership costs €4,99 a month (as I am located in Europe myself I can only see the euro currency, but I assume it will be around ¥500 for Japan and $5 for the United States) and gives you access to the following perks:
– A custom member badge and special emoji
– Members-only photos and videos on the channel
– Archive of every live broadcast done through the channel

Of course this is entirely optional, since of course Mikaru will update his regular social media accounts in the future too. Channel membership also doesn’t have any influence on anything else, it’s just an added perk for you as a fan to give a more exclusive look into the band’s activities.


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