TRNTY D:CODE // The musical guest at KeiMania

UPDATE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic this event has been postponed.
At the moment no new date has been announced, so please follow KeiMania on social media for the most recent information.

A few days ago KeiMania, a “music, fashion, party”-event which is scheduled to be held on October 31st and November 1st 2020 in Hamburg (Germany), announced their musical guest. A Japanese-themed event that focuses on music and fashion wouldn’t be complete without a visual-type of band from Japan now would it?
So the choice for a musical guest are the four guys from TRNTY D:CODE!


TRNTY D:CODE’s diverse portfolio

TRNTY D:CODE has been on the scene for a few years now already, releasing the physical singles “GRAVITY” and “[HELL]hound.” as well as a few digital only-releases (among which another version of their first song “GRAVITY”). Next to music vocalist 丐 (Kai) also checks off another box on KeiMania’s list: he has his own clothing label named ANK (Another Neid Kerberos).

ANK was created during the previous project of vocalist 丐 (Kai) and manipulator 39, Killaneth. During that time the band modeled a hoodie that was designed by 丐 (Kai) for the label, and we can currently see 丐 (Kai)’s work in the music video for TRNTY D:CODE’s song “[HELL]hound.” as well.

TRNTY D:CODE – [HELL]hound. (MV)



With this diverse portfolio and personalities the band seems to be a great fit for an event that focuses on music, fashion and partying. If you don’t have anything planned for Halloween this year and have the option to go to Hamburg, now you have a good reason to!

For more information about the event you can visit their website, but also make sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter to make sure you won’t miss any news or updates!




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