Madmans Esprit // New single “Seoul” is set to release in October

Madmans Esprit are about to release their new single, titled “Seoul”, on October 17, 2019!

After the European tour to promote the EP “glorifying suicide” a few changes have been made to the lineup backing up the mastermind behind Madmans Esprit: 叫號 (KYUHO). Instead of a mixture of musicians from different countries, we now have a fully Korean lineup existing out of 叫號 (KYUHO) on vocals, ARC and JUHO on guitar, GEON on bass and YOEL on drums.

The group has made the following comment about their new release:
“The first track “Seoul (this night is ours)” portrays Koreas paradoxical capital where nights of endless parties coexist with an extremely high suicide rate by mixing post black metal and pop rock on top of a repetitive electronic rhythm and new wave inspired synthesizers.
The second track “씨발” (the title is the Korean version of the “F-word”) in contrast may be Madmans Esprit’s most aggressive so far, combining the brutality of black metal and death core with ヴィジュアル系 (Visual Kei) elements. With its provocative lyrics and call to riot the band starts another controversy, asking people to question all the answers.”


Live schedule

11/01 – JACKSTUDIO – Taipei (Taiwan)
11/08 – 池袋CHOP (IkebukuroCHOP) – 東京 (Tokyo) (Japan)
11/10 – Shibuya Home – 東京 (Tokyo) (Japan)
11/15 – Club Realize – Busan (South Korea)
11/24 – Prismhall – Seoul (South Korea)


Release information

10/17 – On sale through Gan-Shin Records (digital only) and Bandcamp (physical CD)


Seoul – Tracklist

01. Seoul (this night is ours)
02. 씨발 (ssibal)


Preview video


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