Synk;yet // The new single “愛憎のファムファタール” (Aizou no Femme Fatale) is set to release in March

Synk;yet are about to release their new single, titled “愛憎のファムファタール” (Aizou no Femme Fatale), on March 4, 2015!

The single will be released through Starwave Records, and even though the official release date is set for the early March you can secure your copy early at live shows, starting at January 8 in 仙台HooK (SendaiHooK).

Starwave Records has published the following comment about the release:
“The purity of my blood lost, I wished for death…”
Synk;yet’s first release in about a year and a half is the second release in their “sin and madness” series and differs from their previous image, resulting in a work with a more conceptual style. Of course, in a nod to their long-time fans (who are nicknamed “Messiahs”), their symphonic metal and smooth vocal melodies remain intact.

In a departure of their previous works their new music video”愛憎のファムファタール” (Aizou no Femme Fatale) (included in Type A) has been given a rating of R15 due to plenty of painfully shocking scenes that are sure to make the viewer want to look away. The powerful impact of the feelings and messages that the members have poured into this work are another highlight of this video.
Type B includes the music video for “R.I.P. ~Requiescat in Pace~”, a song which was first revealed during the tour final held on September 25 in 池袋EDGE (IkebukuroEDGE).
Type C includes the song “Fatal lovers-after story-” from their first single, which has become extremely difficult to come across anywhere else.
A major announcement is planned for the final stop of their current oneman tour on March 26 in TSUTAYA O-WEST (formally Shibuya O-WEST). Guests can purchase a single ticket that comes with a bonus gift, or a pair of tickets, which makes this an interesting live show for anyone interested in the band – not just long term fans. This show will also be their largest capacity live to date, so you don’t want to miss it!”


Live schedule

12/31 – Little HEARTS. Sendai (In-store event)
01/08 – R.I.P Niigata (In-store event)
01/08 – 仙台HooK (SendaiHooK)
01/15 – Like an Edison Tokyo (In-store event)
01/22 – Like an Edison Osaka (In-store event)
01/22 – 今池CLUB 3STAR (ImaikeCLUB 3STAR)
01/23 – Like an Edison Nagoya (In-store event)
01/23 – 心斎橋Club ALIVE! (ShinsaibashiClub ALIVE!)
01/28 – 池袋EDGE (IkebukuroEDGE) (Tour final)
03/07 – closet child Harajuku (In-store event)
03/26 – TSUTAYA O-WEST (Tour final “Expanding Inner Core-THE FINAL-“)


Release information

01/08 – Available for pre-sale at live venues
03/04 – On sale in physical stores and Starwave Records’ webshop

Disc number: SWSY-8A / SWSY-8B / SWSY-8C
Label: Starwave Records
Distribution: FWD Inc.

Price: ¥2,160 (tax included)
Limit: 1,000 copies
Extras: CD+DVD set (Type A & Type B only)


愛憎のファムファタール (Aizou no Femme Fatale) (Type A) – Tracklist

01. 愛憎のファムファタール (Aizou no Femme Fatale)
02. R.I.P. ~Requiescat in Pace~
03. An die Freude

01. 愛憎のファムファタール (Aizou no Femme Fatale) (MV)


愛憎のファムファタール (Aizou no Femme Fatale) (Type B) – Tracklist

01. 愛憎のファムファタール (Aizou no Femme Fatale)
02. R.I.P. ~Requiescat in Pace~
03. An die Freude

01. R.I.P. ~Requiescat in Pace~ (LIVE MV)


愛憎のファムファタール (Aizou no Femme Fatale) (Type C) – Tracklist

01. 愛憎のファムファタール (Aizou no Femme Fatale)
02. R.I.P. ~Requiescat in Pace~
03. An die Freude
04. Fatal lovers-after story-


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